Sermon 039 – In disparagement of those who shrink from fighting

                The sentence is right but what (they think) it means, is wrong. It is true that verdict lies but with Alláh, but these people say that (the function of) governance is only for Alláh. The fact is that there is no escape for men from ruler good or bad. The faithful persons perform (good) acts in his rule while the unfaithful enjoys (worldly) benefits in it. During the rule, Alláh would carry everything to end. Through the ruler tax is collected, enemy is fought, roadways are protected and the right of the weak is taken from the strong till the virtuous enjoys peace and allowed protection from (the oppression of) the wicked.


Another version:

                When Amír al-mu’minín heard the cry of the Khárijites on the said verdict he said:

                I am expecting the verdict (destiny) of Alláh on you.

Then he continued:

                As for good government the pious man performs good acts in it, while in a bad government the wicked person enjoys till his time is over and death overtakes him.

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