Letters of Maula Ali from the Nahjul Balaga

When Imam Ali (a) sent Ibn Abbas for discussions with the Kharijites, he, peace be upon him, gave him the following instructions. While arguing, never quote statements from the Holy Qur’an because the passages of this Book require very careful consideration as they could be paraphrased in various ways and […]

Letter 77 – When Imam Ali (a) sent Ibn Abbas ...

A letter to Mu’awiya. I have become sick of reading your letters and of replying to them. I feel that I have made an error in giving them undue importance and taking them seriously. You are always unreasonable and often irrational. Your sole desire is to make me accept your […]

Letter 73 – A letter to Mu’awiya.

Imam Ali (a) had entrusted to Munzir bin Jarud Abdi something which he misappropriated. Thereupon Imam Ali (a) wrote the following letter to him. The fact is that piety, honesty and righteousness of your father made me misjudge your character. I thought you were a worthy son of a worthy […]

Letter 71 – To Munzir bin Jarud Abdi

A letter to Harith Hamdani. Never forsake the orders, instructions and advice given by the Holy Qur’an. So far as presumptions of actions and things, lawful, legitimate and allowable or unlawful, forbidden and prohibited are concerned, accept the rulings of the Holy Book. Confirm and testify the truth said before […]

Letter 69 – A letter to Harith Hamdani.

A letter to Mu’awiya. There is still time left for you to see the realities which are bright enough to be see and derive the benefit from the knowledge thus gained. But you are following in your ancestors’ footsteps in trying to prove falsehood to be true, in seducing people […]

Letter 65 – A letter to Mu’awiya.

When Imam Ali (a) appointed Shuray bin Hani as commanding officer of the vanguard of his army, which was marching towards Syria, he gave Hani the following instructions. Day and night keep the fear of Allah in your mind. Be afraid of this alluring and vicious world, never trust it. […]

Letter 56 – Instructions to Shuray bin Hani

A letter to Mu’awiya. You must know and understand that Allah has made this world a place where one is to stay only to provide for a happy life for himself in the Hereafter by his deeds. People are put to test here so that they may be rewarded according […]

Letter 55 – A letter to Mu’awiya.

A letter to Mu’awiya. This vicious world will try to turn a man away from religion and from having faith in the Hereafter. And when a worldly-minded person grasp a little of it, it always opens before him vistas of false hopes, ambitions, temptations and greed, so that he is […]

Letter 49 – A letter to Mu’awiya.

A letter to Mu’awiya. Remember that inequity and falsehood bring disgrace to a man in this world and in the Hereafter. The vicious character of a tyrant always betrays itself to those who carefully look into his actions. You must know that you can never get what has not been […]

Letter 48 – A letter to Mu’awiya.

A letter to Amr bin Aas. Undoubtedly you have subordinated your religion to the worldly power, pomp and wealth provided to you by a person whose apostation and scepticism are not hidden from anybody. He and his ways are known to everybody. He sullies the reputation as well as the […]

Letter 39 – A letter to Amr bin Aas.

A letter to Mu’awiya. Allahu Akbar! How hopelessly you are engulfed in your inordinate and sinful desires, how mercilessly you are swept by such vicious and unholy cravings which misguide you in this life and will bring you to a sad end. You have forsaken the cause of truth and […]

Letter 37 – A letter to Mu’awiya.

When Muhammad bin Abi Bakr was killed in Egypt by the guerrillas of Mu’awiya through disloyalty of his (Muhammad’s) own companions and officers, Imam Ali (a) felt sad and wrote the following letter to Ibn Abbas. Ibn Abbas! Muhammad, (may his soul rest in peace), died as a martyr and […]

Letter 35 – To Ibn Abbas.

A letter to Mu’awiya. You have misguided the whole generation of men around you. Having no faith in the truth of Islam you have led others astray. You have thrown them in the depths of ignorance. You have enticed them towards the abyss for unenlightenment and illiteracy. They were out […]

Letter 32 – A letter to Mu’awiya.

A Letter to Mu’awiya. Fear Allah in respect of the responsibilities you hold and the power and authority that you command. Deeply deliberate over the duties that Allah has laid down upon you, each one of them is His due which should be respectfully rendered. Try to learn and understand […]

Letter 30 – A Letter to Mu’awiya.