In praise of MA (Prose & Poetry)

Ustad Abdul Wahab Hamodha, An Authority on Arabic Literature and the “Traditions”, and a professor of the Fuwad I University of Cairo, in 1951 writes: “The book Nahjul Balagha contains all that great scholars, professor of ethics, philosophers, scientists, authorities on religion and politicians can say or write. The wonderful […]

What some of the leading Sunni scholars have to say ...

Abdul Maseeh-al-Anthakee The Christian editor of the Egyptian Magazine, ‘Alamran” in his famous book ” Sharah-e-Quasa’ed-e-Alwiya” writes: “It cannot be denied that Ali was the Imam of spekers and orators, and he was the teacher and the leader of writers and philosophers. There is truth in this assertion that his […]

What non Muslims say about Maula Ali

The Holy Prophet (BUH & HF) mentioned, “Whomever I am his master, this Ali is his master” Shia Reference: Usul Kafi, Vol. 1, Pg 290 Sunni Reference: Musnad Ahmad Hanbal, Chapter 39, Pg 297, Hadith 18497 The position of Ali (A.S) amongst the people is like Surat Qul Hu Allahu Ahad in […]

The Holy Prophet (saws) said of Maula Ali